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Since June of 2000

My Work

I develop each website I create with four users in mind; the consumer, the client, my employer and the developer. While the consumer is the most important, there's no reason why all parties involved cannot have a user-friendly and pleasant experience when using the website.

When I start a new project I ask myself, "How can I make this website simple for the consumer to use and easy for the client to maintain, yet quickly and efficiently for my employer and easy for me to troubleshoot, upgrade and maintain?" Starting a project with that frame of mind, ends in a great product that works on all levels. A win-win-win-win if you will.

TECH: ColdFusion, jQuery, MySQL, XML

South Texas Implement


The company's old site lacked an easy way for customers to contact them about equipment and financing, as well as a CMS. By taking advantage of a XML feed, and strategically placed contact forms, the company is receiving more website referrals than ever before.

TECH: ColdFusion, Flash Video, jQuery, MySQL, XML

Zephyr Gas Services, LLC


This website redesign speaks to the minimalist approach that I favor. It has an airy and open feel that reflects the company's main product, gas. Its corporate-clean look is exactly what this client needed to easily showcase their products and services.

TECH: jQuery, PHP

The Barber Law Firm


The challenge for this job was to redesign their site and give it a modern feel that maintained their current search engine rankings. The website was orginally created in HTML with little PHP, so I had to get out of my comfort zone and do things the old way.

TECH: ColdFusion, jQuery, MySQL, XML

121 Interactive


I designed this site for my employer. It's another example of minimalism, with a slight edge. For the work section, I wanted to give the impression that the user was walking through a gallery to view our work, so I used jQuery to make that section a horizontal sliding div.

TECH: ColdFusion, jQuery, MySQL, XML

The Harbor Playhouse


This was one of the few times I was able to design something that wasn't a B2B site. I needed a creative way to focus on the art of theatre and their upcoming plays. The result is a focus on photography and a timeline slider that's easy to use and quickly engages the user.

TECH: ColdFusion, jQuery, MySQL, XML

Tom Verducci: KW Commercial


This is another simple site that looks professional for commercial real estate clients. The goals were to make the properties easy to view, and create a CMS that's easy to manage on a busy schedule...all on a budget that's less than half of what I'm used to working with.

TECH: ColdFusion, Flash Remoting, MySQL

Cooper Outdoor Advertising, Inc.


For this client, I created a CMS that allows the client to maintain their own billboards. I also created a way for them to email their clients a map of individually chosen billboards as needed. They are also able to easily maintain certain products using an Excel spreadsheet.

TECH:, ColdFusion, MySQL, WordPerfect

CBL News


This client needed an online version of their public records newspaper subscription. The CMS I created allows them to input the records for their online users, which also consists of output files that they import into WordPerfect for their print edition to prevent double work.

TECH: ColdFusion, JavaScript, MySQL

Stripes Convenience Stores


This is a site where credit union members were given exclusive access to special offers from Stripes Convenience Stores. It guides them through creating an account, answering survey questions and generating coupon offers, which could only be printed once.

TECH: ColdFusion, Flash Remoting, jQuery, MySQL, XML

Panama City Beach CVB


My task for this website was to improve upon their existing custom CMS built by another developer. The site was highly unstable and slow-loading. It was my job to help fix that on their main site, extranet and sport sites. It was a challenging, yet fun, project.

TECH: ColdFusion, jQuery, MySQL, XML

The Texan


The client wanted a new look, but didn't know where to start. They gave templates a try, but were soon frustrated with the limitations and designs. I was able to give them a modern feel without going "over the top" with typical rock and roll or Texas-style graphics.

TECH: ColdFusion, MySQL, XML

Haynes Realty Mobile Web


This was my first mobile website design and development job and I really enjoyed it. Designing mobile websites are fun for me because I get to take my minimalist approach even further. Essentially, it's only the content the user really needs, so it's all necessary, no fluff.

TECH: ColdFusion, jQuery, MySQL

Gulftex Properties Mobile Web


Many of Gulftex Properties clients are on the go, so they realized that making a mobile-friendly site would greatly benefit them. This site makes it easy for mobile users to not only view their properties, but easily share them with colleagues via email and social networks.

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Graphics & Technology

In June of 2000, I started as a website designer for a local advertising agency. By 2002, database-driven websites were becoming the norm. My boss suggested that I learn some website programming so we wouldn't get left behind. I was hesitant at first, but soon saw the advantage of adding ColdFusion and SQL to my arsenal. With it, I could not only design sites, but also easily maintain them.

Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed programming. I dove headfirst into ColdFusion and was soon certified as an Advanced ColdFusion Developer by Macromedia. My focus switched from design and I became a full-time web developer.

Eventually, I got back into design and realized that I had a new vision of how a website should be created. My focal point became the user. I went from a "what can we add here" mentality to a "what can we remove" philosophy.

My passion is to creatively design and develop simple, but effective websites. I believe, as Da Vinci once did, that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

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